Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Things First

Dear God,

Good day to You. How are You doing? I have a feeling Your fine, although a little sad I guess, from seeing what we have all been doing down here. Please accept my apologies though ... what can I say, it's hard being human and all, being so easily tempted and persuaded otherwise from doing what we are supposed to do. It's not that I'm complaining, in fact I do really just want to thank You first, for being so gracious to us. I know You have blessed us with a lot of things, thank You very much for that, but I'm sorry for not using those blessings fully, according to how You intended it to be used. I hope and (promise) to do better every new day (I hope You don't get tired it). I hope I'm making some progress, I think I am ... Am I? I hope You're not seeing this letter as a mockery, I know it's not wholly right, but honestly I am really serious about the things I have written here. Well, I guess that's it for now, thank You again for all of the blessings.

Umm, by the way ... I don't mind knowing the winning lottery numbers for the next draw, if it's not for me, well no worries, I will still be as good. ...Mmmm, money, ahem... Sorry, what was that Lord? I must have drifted from my thoughts again. It happens a lot these days now, since You know ... "the incident". I'm sorry, what Lord? You're asking what will I do with the money if I won the lottery? If I won the sweet, juicy, delicious smelling, cold, fat dough of big ones? Ooohh, that will be the day, I'll buy some of this, some of that, I'll live life like there's no tommorow ... I'll , I'll ... Ops, I mean I'll donate a third of it to the Church, a third I'll give to various charities and a half of the remaining third I'll divide among my family and friends(which I'm pretty sure it will have increased in size by that time) and the other half of the last third I'll keep for myself, you know, just a little "something something" to help me get around. So, what do You think Lord, will You give me the magic numbers? Wait! Don't tell me Lord, just surprise me. :)

Well anyway, back to the intention of this letter, thank You again Lord, for everything. Please do keep those blessings coming. Thank You Lord, and sorry for everything that shouldn't be. Take care of me always and God bless me.

Your good "Lottery buying" servant,


It's still cool if You won't help me win the Lottery Lord, but it would be the coolest if You will let me. HEHE. Just kidding Lord, I just want You to know that a bigger part (if not all) of this blog is for You. :)


adei said...

ayeee salamat kay gi link nko nmo hehehe nice man imong blog naa funny side mixed with seriousness...keep it up just continue updating your blog haron daghan magvisit...

loydo said...

tnx sa support ads..hehe pwede sad financial support?hehehe lols..