Friday, June 27, 2008

Nothing To See

A “corrupt” government, high fuel prices, distorted values, high food prices, a “corrupt” government... These problems are not new, and that is a fact. There is no clear remedy for these diseases of society, besides what can man do against such strong foes, that threaten the body forcing it to easily yield, or poisoning the heart even if the soul is unwilling?

It will not be long before the society that was built from values opposite of deceit, greed and anger will soon implode and be destroyed by the negative weight it has cast upon itself. No hope, only sorrow and pain as we watch this nation march towards its end. No hope, because there is no unity from the many, too few stand up for the right cause.

We speak of religion, which only divides and creates walls. And there are our human laws, which are easily broken, as fragile as a piece of ice, abused even by those who have written them or have sworn to uphold them.

Our distorted values: Money first before family, sex, sex, sex, drugs and alcohol. No more is the innocence that was given to us from the yester days of simplicity, where 3 meals, prayers, and time with our love ones was enough. Tsk... There is no point to prove here, only that a sad ending is inevitable.

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