Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I was already about a kilometer away from the park and a kilometer near my favorite fast food restaurant when I realized that I had forgotten to bring with me the cup...

The cup that contained all the 'donations' I got from all the people that passed-by the park the past five days. Without thinking too much I turned-about and dashed towards the bench where I had spent the night. "Nooooooooooo!" I screamed. I needed that money, but it wasn't there. Gone. Vanished into thin air. I was delirious, for several seconds my eyesight failed me and I probably felt as bad as Philippines felt when Marcos still had his fatal grip around It. My world fell apart. I desperately turned everything near that bench upside down. Without direction, without clear intent. I was like a rabid dog, which only had chaos in its mind. I spent all that needless effort, even though I knew deep within, my 'Change' is gone and will never be found again.

It was year 2001 when we were promised 'Change' after a controversial 'significant' stepped down. Indeed there was 'Change', but was it the kind of 'change' that allowed us to have a better lives, at least even at the most little of ways?

And when year 2004 came, along with it came the time and opportunity that the elusive 'change' could have been finally within our grasp...But to this day (2008) the 'change' we want remains elusive yet still...

Change comes by so fast and so subtle. It requires dedicated vigilance and strength. Like the 'change' I had collected and treasured, it could all vanish and be out of reach even if you had just blinked your eyes for a second. Believe me. A bum deals with 'change' on a daily basis.

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