Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alternative First Step

If you happen to have watched a lot of (or some) news about happenings on other countries, then you might have noticed how people from other countries in general are dying readily left and right for what they think is right and how active they are at defending their rights and the well-being of their respective homelands from foreign and domestic threats.
What is the secret why are they so devoted to their country? Is it in the food they eat? If so, we should import more of those food rather than importing more foreign designer clothes or whatever is considered 'hip' or the 'in thing' these days.
Anyway, can the Filipinos become more like them? Well, not in the aspects of looks and basic moralities(no, definitely no!), but in the aspect of patriotism... It is not that we do not see Filipinos going out onto the streets (helplessly) demonstrating against allegedly rotten leaders or whoever, its just that the numbers of those who seem to care are just but a fraction of the population. What happened along the way? Who is to blame? Indeed there was the EDSA that oust the tyrant Marcos, but does it have to come to that again before we all start acting?

Everyone is to blame including me, at least that I know and am sure of. But I do not believe that the change has to start in our own homes, not anymore... If we were to change at home, would I, my brothers, or my sisters be safe from the violence in the streets that was born from the suffering and poverty caused by the long years of poor governance? No. Change has to start at the top! Those who are charged of leading this country should abruptly become either sincere, true, and selfless(where?! where will we find such kinds of persons!?) or be forced to step down or be decapitated and torn apart. A nation is like a pack and it is very likely that once those leading will begin to guide us toward better lives and true unselfish progress, there will be nothing else to do but follow.

I know that these opinions are very debatable, but what better things a bum can do except to express his musings on the stench he has had the privileged to smell everyday?

Hopefully a miracle does happen soon, so that there will be no more need for bloodshed to clear out the pollution plaguing our country.
Don't you sense it? Something is brewing in the minds and hearts of the people.


escriba said...

im really looking forward to one government that would change everything...hope it will come soon!

... said...

escriba! tnx for reading ;) i'm afraid that government won't come anytime soon. Not with all the big gators still hanging around..

regina said...

VOTE for louie!
VOTE for the bum!

hehe! hi escriba!