Sunday, August 3, 2008

Money and Power

The bigger they get, the harder they fall.
Surely you already have encountered this saying a lot of times in your boring life. My question is that have you ever asked yourself (or has someone asked you) what it means?

I remembered this quote early this morning when I was searching through the park rubbish bin for leftovers. God I was hungry and was just minding my own business when somebody, a security guard, police, or whatever the hell he was, reprimanded me and told me to stay away from the corpse-scented bin because it belongs to city. I was surprised by this particular person's intensive stupidity and lack of consideration that I was able to boldly snapped back, "I'm not doing any wrong you d*ck face as*h*le!". The authoritative figure, taken aback was caught tongue-tied for a split second by what I said before remembering that no matter what I say he will always have the upper hand. He motioned towards me while showing me the handcuffs on his belt and said, "Do you have a problem with that garbage bag?" Insulted and defeated I submissively dropped my head and weakly said no at the same time turned my back and started to walk the other way.

To be continued...

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