Saturday, September 6, 2008

No Time To Shit

It' s been awhile now since I have paused and examined my thoughts carefully (I definitely have paused a lot of whiles, but not involving the 'thoughts' part, well anyway...). I have been caught by the web of different responsibilities and other stuffs with interlocking time needs. Like a fly that is helpless against a sticky trap laid out by a hungry spider, unable to move as what is wanted. I realized now that I got into this situation because I just can't finished one thing without starting on another thing (, which is probably of lesser importance than the former) and so on.

What can I do, being so susceptible to anything shiny and loud? I just get distracted too easily, no matter how much I try to concentrate on something. Anyway, what prompted me to put an entry into this sack of rubbish is the fact that I feel the need to warn people about taking time for granted. An experience that caused me to believe that they're not shitting about the saying "Time is gold or precious".

What happened was...

As usual I was up early in the morning so I could catch the morning breakfast special of my favourite fast-food restaurant. When I was on my way to that heavenly restaurant, a friend of mine, a fellow bum called my attention. "Loydo! Asa ka, Pista ron sa kuan adto ta na, daghan tawo didto ron, basin daghan ta malimos.", he said. He was asking if I wanted to go with him to the town celebrating a feast, just next the town where we currently were. I replied, "Dili lang ko bai kay kuan napa ko buhaton.". I just had to refused his offer because I have to do what I wanted, which was to once again taste the outrageous breakfast special that I have grown to loved so much.
When I finally arrived at the foot of the establishment, I said to myself in triumph, "This day is mine, and it will be a glorious one!". Nothing now was going to stop me from acquiring what I wanted. The day is won. I will finally be able to savour that angelic food once again...

I emptied the cup in my pocket containing the coins I have collected for the past three days into the countertop and told the reluctant cashier that I'll have their renowned breakfast special. I waited for that familiar scripted reply of confirmation and courtesy. But to my dismay instead she told me half jokingly, that I was either too late for the day's special breakfast cut off or too early for tomorrow's. "Noooooooooooo!", screamed the voice inside my head. I can't believe it, how did this happened? I painstakingly tried to find the reason why I have literally been sleeping like a log, waking up only at 5:30 in the afternoon which way too late even for lunch(which is a meal I mostly skip anyway). Think, think, think... Then it hit me. Last night, when I was supposed to be already eating, I still busied myself rummaging through the rubbish bins for anything that might come to my interest. When it was already time for finding a good place or spot to sleep, I was still eating. When it was already time to sleep I was still looking for that good place. And finally when I was supposed to already have found that special place and dozed off, I found myself instead with the rhum I bought from my extra savings. I got drunk, real drunk before finally retiring.

Indulging and devoting too much time and effort on something without regard to the other things that are important, can definitely cause some problems. These may not be words from a wise man, but... well... these words are definitely not from what you would call a wise man, since first of all, I'm a bum and I'm relating to you an experience that reflects my foolishness.
Foolishness is not equal to wisdom(most of the time). ... :)

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adei said...

mao2x foolishness is not wisdom jud...basin pud kaha pagadto nmo didto nagkamang2x pka or nktaan napud to nmo imong chicks ... hehehe cge lang ok rana madrunk basta dli all of the time lol...bitaw keep going I'm following your blog... who knows next time you know it you'll be earning from this too :-) dli na change loydo paperbills na hehehe