Sunday, September 28, 2008

Procrastinate No More

There has always been time for everything. A time to eat. A time to sleep. I never had the problem of finding time to do something I liked. "I liked." ... My mistake. I played haplessly with time and took for granted its precious moments. I mistook 'the now' for 'later'. Whenever I needed to do something important it was always my second nature to dismiss the urgency and tell myself - "Later. Maybe after this TV show." Now, I fear matters are out of my hand and that an inevitable mishap is bound to happen. I pray to God deliverance is still yet to come and that after this dilemma I'm able to breathe easily again.

These words I guess (and bet) more or less have already been uttered not only by me but by all of us who procrastinate too much. I hate to think that I'm an example of the trait from a bad habit dubbed Manana habit others unjustly associated to us Filipinos. A possibly relevant fact of life that we as individual citizens regardless of status must look into.

Let us turn PROCRASTINATION into PROductive CREative ASTute Impressive NATION. :)

Do you want some tips on overcoming your procrastination problem? Search the web for tips, a lot of articles are readily available discussing the matter. Want an example? Check this out


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