Friday, October 10, 2008

to be or not to be ???

Despite all this vigorous talk against the incapacity to move and progress I found myself getting hit by the stones I threw wildly in indistinct directions. Crap. (I stepped on one!) ... Nothing, nothing is coming out anymore of this brilliant mind of mine. Blown away by the disadvantageous treats offered by worldly distractions that are deceivingly comforting. Naks!

How many times do we need to fall down before we can stand up back again for good? A wise man once asked a boy apprentice this question to test the boy's wisdom. The boy's answer was allegedly wise and was well beyond his age,which amazed his mentor. Nobody else heard nor knew what the answer was except for the two - the wise man and his student. Some years later, the boy was now a young man full of zeal and virtue, strongly gripping on the principles he learned from his mentor and the wise man withered by the years that passed now lay on his deathbed.

The young man failed to hide the concerned sad face from while looking down at his old friend.

The master barely able to breathe told his young friend. "I'm the one dying, yet your face looks as if you are dead already friend." The young man gave a slight hint of a smile. His master had always been a smiling jolly man and it hurt him to see the wise man so helpless and tired.

"Do not worry about me my friend." The old man said. "My life has been lived to its fullest. I am happy and contented and have no regrets."

The young man said nothing, only nodding and smiling at his friend. The old man smiled back and continued. "I know that you will be alright wherever might the good Lord lead you. I have taught you well and that I take pride on, but you must remember that I was only an instrument charged on helping you take for yourself what was already present in you."

The young man remained silent, his eyes shining with the tears forming...getting ready to drop...

The old man breathing heavy now, in a hoarse yet still audible voice said, "Remember when I asked you a question to test how wise you are? Well, even though your answer made no sense at all." He said with a hearty faint chuckle and continued. "But I saw from your eyes a purity and sincerity that most have been robbed of or have happily traded away for things of lesser morality. I saw in your eyes a future that I myself can never achieve... Take my hand boy and promise me... take my hand..." The young man took his friend's withered hands.

...ran out of words, can't seem to finish this article :P

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