Sunday, November 23, 2008

From Ages Past

its been so so long my friends since i have written an entry in this blog of mine. My apologies to those who have enjoyed reading my articles (if there are any) no matter how ridiculous my thoughts and messages are.

i have a lot to say, but i do not know where to begin. so much ideas, thoughts, feelings, realizations, and flaws have come to my attention and went on to vanish if not remembered.

the joys of life, the sweetness of friendship, the bitter taste of goodbye and death, all of this i have been given my share. i know more of it are to come, but it was in these past few months that my senses have been made more aware of these realities of life.

well, what can i say, it is life, my experiences may be in a way similar to yours, to those who have come before me, and to those who may come after me. all that i can really say is that - live your life well! live it to the fullest! enjoy it! cry if you must, but you should laugh a lot more! savor every moment of happiness, appreciate what you have and do not let thoughts about having what you do not have linger. love! life is short, it will treacherously end abruptly when one least expects it to end. live a life that will not only ensure you good tidings on the next life, but live a life that will leave a positive mark to those who you leave behind. that they may be inspired by how you have lived yours and desire to become better!


Still Learning said...

Wow. You should write for a living.

loydo said...

lol. tnx. that is a nice thing to say, but i'm not that good yet. i'm just happy to know that sometimes good persons like you do stumble upon my blogs like mine. :)