Monday, December 29, 2008



Basic sense tells us that without it inevitably one dies (I cannot be sure for how long any random person can survive without eating / drinking for that matter, but I guess nobody out there should disagree with the basic idea at least, which is "MAN - FOOD = DEATH ". ) With that said, let me just clarify that I am not here trying to talk about the "hunger" problem in which a good part of the population of this country (Philippines) is suffering from (so why did I ever mention it then,well i am still not sure so just bear with me my invisible friend), but I am here to touch lightly on the kinds (is this the correct word to use?) of food that I think we Filipino's have come to love so much. Fast food. Fried chickens, hotdogs, burgers, and God knows what else will they be thinking of next. I am not against such kinds of food, I even enjoy them from time to time, but something happened last night (I choked on a burger. hehehe), which prompted me to pick my sorry lazy self up and conjure yet another hideious concuction of words that will spell out an important thing in our lives - food. (No hard feelings.hehe)

Am I the only one (forgive me for my arrogance or ignorance whichever best fits) who notices how much the younger generations today( ...maybe my view is limited well anyway...) have been blindly and innocently misled into thinking that fastfood chains are the venues for having what we can call a good Filipino meal? I maybe overreacting or arguing a groundless argument (which is typical of me), but I hate to think that one day my niece, nephew, or future kids will one day wake up in a totally foreign country yet still known as the Philippines. Celebrating imported customs and practices, fancying imported clothes, patronizing imported products, and praising foriegn food totally oblivious of the fact that there were once more tasty and delicious native and local delicacies and recipes. For instance it would be an outright outrage to throw away a perfectly fulfilling balbacua in favor of a three layer juicy meaty burger(which is not bad.hehe). Kidding aside, I do not know where you stand on this, but I wish younger Filipino generations should be given proper introduction, a taste to one of the reasons their ancestors liked about going home - a good Filipino meal waiting.

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