Wednesday, December 31, 2008

other side of the coin

History has been my subject of interest lately and one of the things that I have noticed (or possibly imagined) in my readings is that many if not all of the heroes were described to have been inspired to some extent by the selection of readings they have read.
Novels, columns, essays, etc., that at some point contained and mirrored the current dilemmas, sufferings, or hardships of their time. Their eyes and minds became more opened and aware of the problems, the perpetrators, and the actions needed to be done because of such works.

If the statement and the exposure of negative things during the times of our heroes was so great a catalyst in inspiring for change and movement for the better, I am wondering how much more if we are to enumerate the positive side of the Filipinos now, instead of blabbering about how bad our situation presently is on these troubled times? Will it bring about inspiration that will cause us to want ourselves to improve and fight on, for the reason that there is indeed POTENTIAL and HOPE for our people and nation to be one and great? If so, then let us damn the culprits, but let us not forget to recognize our good once in a while.

A pat on one's back should be healthy. :)

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