Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daily Monsters

I woke up today optimistic about accomplishing all the things that I have planned to do. Well, as in any great story ( yeah i know, i got to much air) something went wrong along the way. Hordes of hideous beasts that have eyes of fiery red growled, roared, and snarled in front of me with breaths that stank like yours (kidding) as if wanting me not push through with my day's missions. Of course the brave warrior that I am picked up my trustworthy shield and my valiant sword, and with one mighty swing threw it aside and yelled, "Those are not mine! Leave me be or I'll scream like a girl!" hehe. :)

Joking aside, the real monsters or rather monster that hindered my own progress was my very (brace yourself for this taaadaaaaa) self. I was dead sick of the laziness syndrome. :) For the salvaging of the little dignity that's left of me, let me just add that the day ended without me doing at least half of what I had planned to do. I'm not totally satisfied with that, but I don't feel totally defeated. One step at a time should be fine, right? So anyway...

I'm writing this for public view not just (take note) to humiliate myself, but because of my hope of the possibility that other lazy people out there will come across this entry and say "hey, if this amateur from a third world country wants to keep going despite his disadvantages, why can't I?" :)


Berdelyn said...

You are not really lazy. No offense, but I guess you're just suffering from selective laziness syndrome. I don't find you lazy when it comes to blogging.

loydo said...

you got me..hehe i mean if we talk about food, nobody's lazy when it comes to eating especially when in the state of hunger right? hehe

thanks for dropping by berd :)