Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do you have 25centavos sir?

Struggling with my deep pockets, i frantically searched for 25cents (while clipping some belongings i brought with me with both each of my armpits) because if I was not able to procure what was asked of me, then I'll be in deep sh... eeep. Well, not that deep, but deep enough to irritate my already distorted face. hehe.

This is something I have observed when buying 'whatever' at the malls here in the Philippines (not that I have experienced shopping elsewhere), for quite a few years now.
I want you to listen up because this might happen to you. I just want to give you a head's up (being the hero that I am) before you get 'victimized' unaware of the tragic predicament wherein you lose about 5 cents to 99 cents (some hero). Stolen by the mall you patronize so much! Yep, I believe it should be called theft, and no less. You probably think I (I've got nuts - which by the way I've been told are good for the memory, is that true? ) gone nuts for going overboard over something less than a peso. Well, I am nuts, but that's beside the point. What if for every customer the cashier gets, let us say an extra 70 cents each and there are a hundred customers a day. Multiply it for 300 days? How much is it then? (Wait, let me open up the calculator.) That is a total of 21,000 pesos extra for our businessmen and women, my friends. (And I think I'm just using modest numbers.)

Not that we don't want to give more to our rich and bloated half businessman/half politician countrymen, but don't you think some homeless person deserves our 70cents more?

I'm just curious, maybe next time I'll try to buy something with my money a couple of cents short. :)


Donnie said...

hi louie!

i have some extra cents here...will keep them for you!

loydo said...

hehehe. great bro, ill be needing that for the foundation i'm gonna build in the future.. lol :)

regina said...

true that.

some of 'em will even give you flat crisp paper bill and one unopened menthol candy on top, worth not more than a cent even. tsk. and the truth is, i myself blindly take it and have myself a (fresher) breath as i went out.

loydo said...

hahaha. musta reg?