Tuesday, January 6, 2009

keep moving :)

Looking back the past year, I cannot honestly say I have really achieved something major that has helped me considerably moved one step forward. I may have gained more in the measures of (how do I say I have grown fatter mildly?) physical and bodily assets, but sadly I cannot present a more concrete and integrated evidence that I have progress in my mental, spiritual, and emotional capacities. I have stagnate and have failed considerably in putting the best of my energies at work the past year, succumbing to the immediate and fleeting satisfactions my weaknesses offer me whenever I was confronted with the challenges.

Whew, what a confession, but despite writing this self-humiliating article for the unwilling public to see, which I think is triggered by too much carbohydrates in my system I still humbly, but fiercely (rrrrr) encourage you (yes you) whose eyes are being burned by this blog at the moment, to never give up in your fight to improve yourself and continue to seek higher levels of enlightenment and that one day you and I may all, with God's blessing, have achieved our purposes in life.


Stanne said...

But the big hindrance is how to formulate enlightening purposes especially that physical, mental, spiritual and even "attention" temptations are found left and right in everywhere you go and what ever you do enticing even those who have the substantial strength to resist and the adequate training to treat such allurement with just a brush of the shoulder and a long breath of polluted air???

loydo said...

that's why they say - 'stand up back again, whenever you fall' - everybody knows humans alone cant do it, and now it becomes a question of faith because if you do believe in God I'm sure you wont be so pessimistic about it ;)

p.s. that's just my opinion and there are others out there who knows more than I do, so chill :)

loydo said...

hehehe happy new year bryce the avid thinker :)

_______ said...

Ah, okay now, I am moving...Bye!

Stanne said...

heheheh! Loydo the great! Mura sad ta mga korek dah... :=)
Anyway, keep posting man. And thank you for inspiring me to write more, too.

Happy New Year!


loydo said...

tnx for dropping by jonas and bryce.. :D hehe

dli ta anang 'murag correct' bryce, seryoso ni ato, hunahuna.a lang na mas daghan pang gipanulti nga hilas ang mga bakakon ug hakog natong mga politiko. unya kini atong pagsuwat dili aron sa pagpangilad ug pagsaag sa katawhan kon dli pagtabang sa mga ginagmay nga paagi. :)