Sunday, January 11, 2009


I read a lot of pages lately (from my scholastic books, non-academic books, news papers, other blogs, etc) and yet here i am speechless and tongue tied despite having this feeling of wanting to put something in my blog...

One of Cebu's largest festival is the yearly celebration of the Sinulog - a feast dedicated for Sto. Nino or the child Jesus Christ. It kicked off just last Friday and I was not able to partake in any of the preliminary events since when on the way to the Basilica de Santo Nino last Friday I had convinced my parents to turn around and heed to the traffic warning given by a commentator of one of the local radio stations. I know it was not the most pious of gestures to do, but I thought I had to be practical and save the night from both my parents' tendency to fight over who among them is the best driver. Anyway...

Being a Cebuano, I am truly proud of partaking every year even if I partake only as a spectator of the feast since I believe it vaguely hints (that's if the recognized history books tell the truth) a connection between Cebu's past and present. It is an event, where to those who are perceptive enough, see an event in history that has helped mold our today.

Another thing that I want to point out about the Sinulog is that it is NOT just a party, but it is first and foremost a solemn FEAST. So I just hope that the upcoming events will not just be successful, fun, and safe, but will also be spiritually healthy to those who partake in it.


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