Monday, February 9, 2009


Since I cannot sit around for hours staring at pc screen doing nothing save thinking, anymore, forgive me for sharing things that are no more than just my own plain experiences or opinions without the extra spice I sometimes add - like trying to think and see things as a bum would. (I think I need to change or start a new blog soon. Anyway...)

Since I am now at the final stretch of the second semester at school, things are not taken to be lightly anymore, a problem I would not have to worry about if I in the first place did not took things lightly. hahaha. Jokes on me. Well, come to think of it, I have at least again proven that indeed the feeling of regret comes after doing a foolish act. :)

...But what can I say, I do not aspire to be given good grades, since despite acknowledging the respect accorded to the educational system's long history of existence and authority, I do not like their way of measuring a person's intellectual capabilities and believe that it only stereotypes and limits the true potential of intelligence. I may be wrong on this matter, but to my defense let me just say - I'm still young and learning. hehehe.

Be back soon. God bless! :)

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adriana said...

wats is grade actually louie hehehe but figures I don't believe either of it tanawa akong TOR kampat pa sa tanang kampat hehehe but sad to say sa ato gud given importance mangud na as a measure of sux