Sunday, February 1, 2009


It's already ages now since my last serious entry and I still don't feel like writing. Have I lost my gift? Or did I ever had such a gift in the first place?Hehe. So forgive me, if I am blabbing about myself right now, I'm just trying to do a little exercise for my fingers.

So anyway, I've read about a thing called 'writer's block'. Am I experiencing one now? Or does it only apply to the great ones? By profession, I am not a writer anymore, several months had already passed since I quit that job to make way for more pressing matters at school. (Yes, I'm still in school.) It maybe temporary, or not, but I'm sure this love for writing is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Do I still write? Yes, almost everyday. I still scribble some thoughts on my journal. Personal reflections, realizations, and even plain boring experiences.

These pass few days, a lot of things had happened that I would have loved to write about, but my fingers seemed stiff and so was unable to.

I have to go now, got to upgrade my Ubuntu. I'll write something interesting soon. That's a promise to you my invisible reader. God bless.


_______ said...

So you need to write soon, or else! Hehehehe...more luck to your studies loydo.. I mean seriously...

loydo said...

tnx bro.. :)