Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bumpy Road

I never thought life would be so easy. Won the lottery, business is booming, congregations are happy, and most importantly the wife loves me. What a dream. hehehe. We are all allowed to dream a good dream right? (the heck we are!) It's not a reality yet, but Im hoping it will soon be, but perhaps the lotto winning wouldn't be realized since the Philippine lottery is what we call "a GAME of NO chance". Shhh.

But anyway back down to dirt, in life as I have learned and have been made to perceived, in any journey, looking ahead I see a lot of potholes that make the ride bumpy from time to time. There are those big potholes that you are able to see far ahead and thus you are able to anticipate, but there are also potholes that you are not able to see until your wheels are already caught on it. For me, these unforeseen potholes are what we must worry about the most. Why? I don't know, I guess it would hurt your butt the most, being unable to contract it ahead of time and all. :D

I wouldn't write down here the advice I gave myself regarding those unforeseen butt-hurting potholes, let's just say we all have our ways and it wouldn't be ethical. :D

Just want my invisible readers to know that I am back, and its nice not to see you again.
Good luck to you all on your own roads! :)


Hi, I am Jonas said...

So you really is back.. Just like to let you know too that we've been awaiting for your second coming! Hehehe... And just to let you know too that I am changing my url address..

Write more for us Loydo!

regina said...

wow. great the bum is back!