Sunday, May 31, 2009


We all know that everything has a corresponding price. Even things that are supposed to be free now have price tags that remind us everyday that this world is run by money. Since the dawn of the concept of currency, people are slowly being brainwashed into designing a life pattern that is based on one question and that question is: How can I earn more money?

Before anything else, let me disclose to you that my statements above are not based on any research study nor scientific evidence whatsoever, but are just products of my uncanny ability to imagine and wander in an imaginary world where colorful butterflies are carnivorous and big-teethed sharks are vegans.

Anyway, back to the topic before my PC eats up too much power and coughs up bills of unimaginable magnitude that I can't afford to pay :D

Price. As describes it, " it is the sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which anything is bought, sold, or offered for sale. " I trust I don't need to explain the description further (which is a bad move for me, since it will no doubt expose my ignorance, that is if there is anything left to exposed). We all know what price means and connotes in our daily lives. We all know that is has the power to determine status in our society. It helps determine the order of how things go in our world.

The piece of candy your are eating has a price. The packs of various cigarettes have prices as well. Even the cab you that took you to work, brought you there for a price. Nothing escapes 'the price' concept.

If you think about it, (not too much though, or you'll figure out that I'm ful-0-sh*t) prices help put things in order, which is a good thing if the structure of our society is to survive. What concerns me is that there seems to be no clear boundary where the putting of prices end and where the price-free things begin.

For example:
*I have grown up thinking that if I want good and fast services from the government, I have to pay the price set for that.

*If parents should want to give good education for their children, they have to pay a higher price by sending them off to private schools since some* public schools do not provide that much quality education.

The list goes on and (actually I'm out of ideas, but...) I'm sure that you also have a thing or five things to say about the 'issue of price'.

What is my point? Good question. You tell me, lost my train of thought there. lol.

(Maybe) what I am trying to say is that prices are good. Being in the era of high 'consumerism' we are almost always prepared to pay the price of a need or Want (you admit it! I won' Most are things that nobody actually really need. But when it comes to paying the price for freedom, values, morality, and the deliverance of justice and truth, only but a few (I may be undermining my own kin) are prepared to lay down what's due.

I'm not pointing nor accusing anybody, I admit I am one of the guilty (who isn't? Can't think of anyone to be innocent, but our beloved law makers and their kin). I just thought I might share this to you as I try to contemplate and face my own demons.

Let's pay up :)

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