Thursday, May 28, 2009

to the Warrior children of my kin

before you were born my friend you must know,
the world has always been as evil as you now see
wars fought for the sake of gold
for a quick fortune souls were sold

the innocent feared, suffered, and grieved
times came when in hope they no longer believed
rivers of blood gush forth from broken hearts
love ones lost silently by swift poison darts

plague has always been here though in different forms
even in the guise of a rose filled with biting thorns
death came unexpectedly without direction
no mercy was ever granted by the corruption

so if you so choose to take up arms and fight
know in history you are not alone in this plight
many have died, sacrificed their lives
willed to die, so long as freedom thrives

-- LTS a.k.a. loy --

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regina said...

like this. naa kay fb lydo.