Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stand Up!!!

Amidst a prison of gray lay silent a fiery set of eyes. Crimson and sore due to blood gushing from a wound sustained at the forehead.
He is trembling as before, but now a difference is clear and distinct. For this time it is rage, anger, and hate that courses through his veins, dispelling the lasts of the fear that had once crippled him to submission. "No more." A thought form in his head.

With a quick jolt he picks up what's left of his dignity and holds his breath to tighten up his broken resolve. Fiercely he squeezed his weapon and raised it up far above his head and at almost the same instant brought it down heavy with all heaven's might upon the dark heart of the monster that had been once's its captor. Victory. He had set himself free.

Peace overcame him. He collapsed beside the slain, his senses numbed. It was already too late for him, the poison from the monster had already spread throughout his body and for this he must also go. With a smile he thought of his child and drives the weapon unto his own heart.

Silence fell.

He destroyed the monster, including himself taking comfort on the thought that his child will grow up to be free and untainted by the demons that have once cursed him.


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Jonas Perida said...

So where are our Indian friends?