Tuesday, December 15, 2009

stars and clouds

The reason why I haven't been able to post for a long time now, is because I had been busy (the usual stuff, like looking through garbage cans, counting cars/passersby, etc ). Well, not really, but perhaps because I have been a bit confused on what to write about.

A lot has happened since my last post here and I am freakin' mad at myself for not being able to share what my 'bum-mind' had in mind.

Some of the things that would have been worth mentioning include: The series of typhoons that disturbed the peace here at my homeland. The story of one boxing hero celebrated all over the world. The most recent inhuman massacre that happened to my brothers and sisters of the south. And many many other things that are worth the time to be looked into.


It would have been nice if I was able to blabber away with fingers pointed to others but myself, chatting away, accusing and sentencing those I think who have had their hands stained with red ... or at least accuse those who my 'rhum' tells me to.

Unto other things...

Last night, from much thinking, pondering and gulping down sweet rhum while lying under the night sky. I realized ... that mosquitoes love my blood. Poor things, they must have thought I do not have fast reflexes. I also noticed that during the course of the night, the stars twinkle and shine, and even though cumulus or nimbus clouds may block them from sight, eventually winds will move the clouds away causing the stars to emerge back on view again. This cycle goes on and on.

If we are to take this into our perspective. Although we cannot be sure that we are always the stars in the heavens. (Since we could be those heavy clouds, winds that cause change, or the birds that love to drop poo on pricks). We must remember that as the heavens change, our lives might also change, for the better or for the worst. So hang in there my fellow pinoys, let tommorow come and we may yet see the sun rise back again. :)


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Funny thoughts, a welcome post!