Saturday, April 24, 2010


Tongue tied again, and completely out of ideas on what to say. Maybe because I was up to no good since my last post... Well... There's where you are wrong buddy, ain't that right trusty rhum? ...because when people see me and think of me as a negligible, stinky, rugged, intoxicated bum they begin to let their guard down and talk, talk, talk.

Well, I do not deny being a negligible, stinky, rugged, intoxicated bum, because I cherish it. But I do want to deny that I have not been eavesdropping in purpose. Hehe. I won't share what I've heard here online, cause that would be darn right unprofessional. And perhaps I have misjudged so I'd better keep these things between me and myself.

This is one of the things I enjoy living outside circles, because I get to observe from a cold-dripping-rain-outside point of view, where things are sometimes most clear. So if you look outside the window and see a dirty man in tattered clothes shivering under the pouring rain, that's probably me. Sad.

But I do have my own circles FYI(even if you haven't asked), the circles that I love being with no matter how wicked and imperfect the people in it are (well, partly because i'm on of the most wicked and imperfect in it).

Well, my point is, (an advice that does not apply to a vulgar man like me) CHECK BEFORE LETTING YOUR MOUTH GO. Well that's if you have something to hide...

I could be wrong, but I could also be right (hmmm...naa..). . That's all for now.

Don't skip sunday masses! Ciao!

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