Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vote and Vote wisely?

Nothing much has improve in my bum life since my last post. I have gone through a lot but a lot also have gone. I have poor retention skills, I guess. So this post is probably going to be a bit more boring and incoherent than all of my previous post. A sign of brain deterioration? Maybe. (Although it must be the kind of rhum I'm drowning myself on these days, nobody knows for sure.)

A lot have gone through, since my last post.

Solemnities, feasts, holidays, calamities and other local and international events that have and could have an adverse effect on my 'sleep-drink-sleep' routine. Anyway, no point mentioning them all now, says the empty bottle next to me, so let me just take a peek on the next sure chapter we all Filipinos all have to painfully go through (again). This is none other than the --- (drum roll please) --- upcoming presidential elections.


Have you ever been betrayed by someone you hold dear or a least thought of as somebody you can trust, like democracy for instance? For me, not that I do not believe anymore in promise democracy holds for this country, judging from my what I have seen so far, questions such as this confront me:

Is this really the solution that we all need? Are we really going somewhere with this so-called democratic processes? And hey you, older guys, what do you think, have you seen an improvement or at least felt that a dramatic weight from your shoulders has been lifted off when doing faithfully your God given right to vote?

I don't have the answers to all of these. I'm just a bum with a rhum, but I do hope we are not lead blindly by those who could have the power to change all these things for the better. I hope that we faithful drunkard citizens by a stroke of luck be able to choose people that are indeed worthy of the seats of service. I hope.


If not...


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