Monday, May 10, 2010


The day before the elections, I felt the the wary silence that must have been felt during the days of old right before a major battle takes place. I was listening hard for a sound and yet it seemed as though the the whole country held it's breath, bracing itself for what was to come. Quite an interesting thing to note. Hmmm.


"The power of the government emanates from the people." A reminder that can be read at the regional capitol building. I guess this is what democracy means. I can only guess, because I was not taught at school what democracy is, in fact not even the community I grew up cared about fostering it into the minds its youngsters.

I know that we were taught its meaning, taught how to spell it, heck we were even taught how to pronounce it. But we were not taught how to exercise it, how to respect it, and more importantly (in my opinion anyways) how to love it. We are indifferent to it, we are ignorant on the subject, simply because we have not studied and practiced it. Yes, I guess we have a system that more or less resembles the shadow of what democracy truly is, but it is a poor excuse for a nation who boasts to be the first democratic nation in Asia.

One thing I am sure of though is that this is not the doing of our leaders, or the leaders we supposedly have chosen. Philippine democracy is experiencing el nino not because of their leaders. No, they are too good for that, cause in fact they have noble intentions for this country of ours for which they have sworn to serve. We should blame this instead on the grasshoppers, or the seven dwarfs.

And so my dear friends, I could ramble on and enumerate one by one the reasons why I do not think we deserve to be called a democratic nation, but then you would have stop reading by the time I reached section Nth article nth (but the truth is I'm just feeling lazy as of the moment). So I'll just leave you to your honesty to think of your own reasons why there are turds under our own pillows.

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