Tuesday, June 8, 2010

everyday politics

One of the things I recently have uncovered is how our society is infested with hidden barriers, territories, or invisible fences. I do not clearly understand nor do not know what to call this for I am an just ignorant bum, but I can honestly say that such a thing exists. If it doesn't and you don't recognize it, then the environment I am in must be a unique one.

In my mind, one of the reasons why Philippines is most especially infected with regionalism, is precisely the fact that it is composed of regions. (I know how to recite the alphabet song too!) It is a freakin' archipelago. This means that people grow up in virtually different environments. They have their own neighborhoods that have different rules and what nots. Geeez. This means different ideologies, customs, traditions, and obviously different characters. Put them together in a box, then puff, we will not only have coco crunch, but we will have a crab fight as well. Even the innocents and the clueless get drag down too. What a pity, we are supposed to be brethren, hailing under one flag. Tsk3x.

Well, looks like there's still a lot of things to do before we can call this one truly a nation. Who is to blame?

...to be continued.

God bless!!!

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