Thursday, June 3, 2010

Power Crisis

I think I am going crazier or paranoid by the moment, but I think UFOs are watching me. I consulted rum the other night and it told me that I got to watch out from those freaking ears that keep on eavesdropping, eyes that keep on peeping and monkeys that keep on trying to sabotage the world.

Never thought a rum-loving bum like me could get caught up in this kinda of mess that are reserved for those who like to play the 'who-has-the-power-game'. Pity. Well, I really believe I could have some if only I just have enough interest (oh boy, the rum's starting to talk hehe), but good ol' rum's all I want to have and want none of that unholy game of yours. And besides, rum keeps those pestering UFOs at bay.

Power. Such a tempting word. It was lust for power that felled Satan from the heavens and was what exiled our first parents from God's eden. It is what it means, for it can have power over us, puny weaklings that are basically nothing without the true Power (God). ... I don't want to go into that 'Theo-stuff' cause I'm face-flat-on-floor ignorant on that subject, so as usual I would just like to spill what I've observed from my perspective.

Look around. It is unarguably growing in frequency. The multitude of power-hungry thieves are growing in number. Everybody wants a piece, to the point that it looks kind of comical, for me at least (but then my perception of things are altered by the rum in my veins). Who is to blame on all of this? Who? I do not know. It could be a cluster of reasons starting from centuries ago. There was the colonization, then the revolution, ... , betrayal, etc., and etc... Or maybe biology and not history could be the cause of this human tendency to seek for power. Who knows? Well, yeah, maybe some of you out there know what the dilly is really going on, but I am one hundred percent certain that I do not know (right now for the rum level is not that high yet).

Power for me is not at all bad. It can be a very good thing, in the hands of a righteous steward anyway. What's just bothering my earwax is that the sacred delegation of such a delicate thing seems to be taken for granted. I don't need to state proof on this argument. Just take a look around you. Observe. See?

(Here comes the anyway part...) Well anyway, if you are one of the few good persons out there deserving to look after some chunk of power. Heed me(a drunken bum), "Tighten your belts and be warned that power corrupts the weak."

Let us bless the Lord!

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