Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hostage Drama in Manila

It was all over the news. A recently laid off disgruntled ex-policeman held hostage a tourist bus in Manila. It was a tragedy from the start, a man that had been trained to be a keeper of peace played the exact opposite role. But deeper the rabbit hole still, would be to ask why such a foolish yet daring act? Yes, he wanted to be reinstated, but why did he chose a path that would clearly take him further away from what he allegedly wanted? Why?

As time passed, the crisis went from bad to worse. Mistake after mistake, everyone involved took. It was one of those bad rainy days when not a ray of sunlight would break through the wall of thick black clouds looming over the lands.

Finally, albeit our hopes and prayers of a peaceful resolution to that 'real' nightmare, disaster struck. A cry of plea was failed to be heard and more importantly innocent lives were lost.

A mixture of pain, anger and frustration was and is still expressed by all. Especially amplified by the friends, family and all those who were disgusted and angered by what happened.

We deeply apologize for our brothers and sisters in Hongkong, especially to the immediate friends and relatives of the victims. I know this post means nothing and certainly would not bring back nor make up for the mistakes that was committed leading to the tragedy. I am merely a bum.

Despite being a bum, I also know that revenge would be a nice vent for any kind of pain we experience that is caused by others. It gives us a sense of satisfaction and justice. But revenge, ironically is not justice, at least not the kind justice that I have been taught. And surely there are those that are to blame, but pointing our fingers to the guilty does not also really help improve anything.

What then?

A lot of quick fixes and long term answers pop out, but those are for next time since my brain juice ran out again. But to shy away from joking…

Let us pause for a few moments as we offer our prayers for all the victims and the relatives of that dark day. Peace may be theirs.


Stanne said...

For a better world, Loydo the Bum is the man! :=)

loydo said...


wicked i also am...

you stanne, are the better man,

a haiku this is..