Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Step 1: Admit

I have sinned. These three simple words are amazingly very difficult to pronounce at times. In fact, there are points in time wherein I forget that they even exist in my vocabulary. Is this normal? I'm pretty sure it is, I mean for a guy like me, please... , making mistakes are at the bottom of my least-favourite-things-to-do list. (What? This is my blog, I can lie as much as I want here.)

Well, I'm not one to dwell on my own perfection, but what I'm really interested in is to try and let you bleed through your eyes if ever you get all the way through this post because of the tremendous errors in my perception of things.

That said, allow me to throw the following questions at you.

  • "Have you sinned?"
  • "On the scale of one to ten, how much damage have you cost?"
  • "Will work for food." (Wait, this is for my sign, sorry.)
  • "Have you had any regrets?." (Not at all? Oh you pure evil you...!)

My dear friends the reason why I am flailing these questions around is not to force you to commit self-incrimination, but to share with you the questions I have been asking myself these past few days. And though I will not divulged here all the scandalous (yum) things I have done for fear that the secret police is reading this I admit that even if I am ... (let's settle for ...) cute as I am repugnant, I ... am a ... big fat sinner. (Whew, that help took the load off if you know what I mean :P )

The road to our salvation is not something totally hidden from us. We have the Catholic church to guide us through all the way. The problem is that as we go along the road sometimes gets a little bumpy and irregular. And we might even fall at times and take a few steps backward, but even so I know (despite how unqualified I am to say this) that any time if we decide in humility to admit our faults and give it all up to God, Christ Himself will help us get back on our feet and strengthen us so that we may continue on.

May our Lord Jesus Christ protect and bless us all. Peace.

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