Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pray the Rosary

Easy, it has not been. The world offers just a lot of things to distract us from walking straight towards salvation.

I originally had planned to make a post at least once a week on this blog even if it seems that I am the only one reading my postings, but a slob of laziness, a cup of excuses and a pinch of other worldly things-to-do barred me from doing so.

Anyway, I have been doing something that would help me with my chosen faith. I have been striving to pray the rosary everyday. Although 'struggling' should have been the more accurate verb to use in the previous sentence, I have made up my mind to have the rosary part of my life.

The rosary is a broad subject in itself, and at the same time it is a short summary of the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of his and our blessed heavenly mother Mary.

I will post more on the topic of the rosary in the light of my personal experiences. For the meantime you may check out www.rosary-center.org for more information.

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