Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today is mama Mary's birthday, and so I just got to have a post today.

Happy birthday Mama Mary, you have always been there for us. Please continue to do so. You have always understood us when we sinned against your Son and in fact have prayed for us that we may be able to find our way back to Him. We thank you for the times when you lent out a helping hand when we find ourselves in trouble and for the times you shielded us from the devastating effects of our own sins. You know that we love you very much despite our sinfulness. Please continue to be with us always. Ma, Happy birthday.

I hope everyone today whether they are Catholics or not experience a wonderful and holy day. For today we commemorate the day of our Lady's birthday. This glorious day heralds the sure coming of our Messiah Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are urged to pray the rosary, hear the holy mass and offer a gift in honor of our most loving Mother, Mary.

One more thing ... let us not forget to thank our own mothers today too, because oblivious as it may seem, they are our earthly 'Mother Mary' for they are as ready and as willing to sacrifice everything for each one of us. Thanks Ma.

For the greater glory of God. Amen.

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