Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friend or Foe

As we journey through this life, we will be met by challenges and obstacles.

These things can come in many ways. In the most unexpected of forms. For all you know that rock in front of you is there to see your demise. What is unfortunate though is that the most difficult of them comes in the form of living, breathing persons.

They may come frankly as our enemies. Or they may come in the form of harmless friends. Such a sad thing to ponder, that even the person you trust the most could be your most dangerous foe who would readily bring out a knife as soon as your back is turned.
And that is not even enraging, but is just plain sad. But remember, life brings two sides of the coin. For if we have enemies, life can also bring out true friends and allies. These too can come from the most unexpected of forms, but when realized have the potential to give us the strength that enable us to sprint through the last lap. To the victory and realization of our dreams.
But these are only the claims of a fool that does not know anything at all. But if per any chance I have had hit the truth even if by just a hair. Look well and look hard. A tricky task is knowing who is whom.

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