Thursday, October 20, 2011

Helping at a Cost

Several days ago I have felt a new level of rage like I've never felt before after seeing a footage of a two year old girl getting hit by a van somewhere in China. It was an accident and that was enraging in itself because it would have been prevented if the parents of the child had been there. What really lit up the fire was the moments that took place after the accident. As what the footage shows, a lot of passersby on foot or on wheels passed by the bleeding child without stopping by even to at least have a clear look. What is wrong with that picture? !#$!@#$!@#$

It was only minutes later that finally someone 'a passing cleaner woman' had the decency to try and help the poor little girl. May God bless her for having the courage to listen to her conscience and overcome the fear that the other passersby proclaimed in their defense. (Ref. They were afraid that it was yet another scam that would cause them to lose money in the end.

After a few days in the hospital under intensive care, the little girl died. (Let us offer a prayer for her soul.)

This tragic situation got me thinking and sent some shivers down my spine. It also presented me with a question of conscience. What would have been my immediate reaction if I was there when it happen? Would I have been one of those who passed by oblivious to the unfortunate little girl's suffering? Or would I have been like the cleaner woman who shut the evil whispers of self-preservation and went ahead to help the little girl? I pray that I may never have to face such a situation. May God bless and protect us all.

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