Saturday, October 8, 2011


Almost everyday we are faced with situations that tests how quickly can we rise or sink from our true selves.

(The following narration may or may have not taken place, but it sure is a good example of how our tongues when unchecked, can easily drag us down to hell)

About a week ago I shunned a boy who has approached me to ask for money. I told him to go away and that I knew he was stealing from our compound every time he gets an opportunity, especially when no one is at home. He gave me a big guilty grin and went away. That boy is a known petty-thief here in our neighborhood, but I immediately felt remorse after unleashing those offensive words.

I knew right there and then that I have wronged that boy even if what I accused of him was true. Why? For all I know, that kid could have just sworn not to steal anything anymore and that my words will have plunged him right back to his old habits. Yay for me (good-old-me,) trying to live out the faith only to have my slimy tongue drag me hundreds of steps backwards.

The memory of that situation will be with me for a long time. The next I will see that boy, I hope to offer him kind words and some bread to at least make up for my errs. Hoping that instead of discouraging him and causing him to fall further into the abyss, that I will encourage albeit step by step to know that there can yet be something good waiting for him in this world.


Some say our hero had a chance to meet the boy whom he had erred and was able to make up for it. He even helped the boy finished up college and get a job. Now that boy is a family man and is out in the world looking for unfortunate boys and girls not unlike what he was once was to help them discover what good the world has to offer.

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