Saturday, October 1, 2011

I don't know what RH bill is all about.

One of the biggest thorn the Catholic church here in the Philippines is currently experiencing is this issue on the RH bill. What is it all about? I've heard it's all about sex and I'm going to have to find out more about it one of these days if I dream of calling myself a practicing Catholic.

Even though I am not totally unaware of it's 'existence' all I've heard are bits and pieces.

I have heard that all of our religious kin our stirred quite a bit by this new fancy trick our lawmen our cooking up. I know that the moral issue on abortion is involved. While at one point I have heard that it is about population control. And others said that there is a whole lot of money being involved in the back of it all. And of which I asked, 'When did it ever not involved money?'

And quite frankly all I can do is but guess, for now. Because I intend to know more about it and hopefully the picture will be a bit clearer and clearer as i begin to see more of it piece by piece. And I'm going to share my thoughts here on this blog every step of the way.

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